HEAD HUNTING – May sound like setting your fate – In a way it's true!

Performing HEAD HUNTING for managers for new positions, focused recruitment of managers for leading companies in Israel and abroad

I am well acquainted with the manner of tracking and placing "talents".

In order to succeed in this mission, a great deal of precision is required.

My ability to locate those individuals involves thorough investigation, and the mapping of “heads” for those jobs. Tracking a successful manager is like mapping a road to a destination. The challenge and the success to arrive at your goal motivate me and bring a new excitement every day.


  • The ability to scan, locate, diagnose and lead the best possible candidates to prime positions
  • “Investigation”, field work and information from quality leading opinion holders
  • Collaborating with key personnel who are pioneers in their field
  • High Quality data bases – Big Data
  • Development of a unique and creative method in the course of two decades, with dynamic activity in a changing occupational reality.