Directing and guiding towards employment designations during critical crossroads and changes.
Professional training for those facing changes or occupational turning points.

Counseling and guiding individuals at a crossroads of decision making, managing a personal and occupational turn-over

  • Guidance in selecting a new career path, a new job, a new way;
  • Instruction for proper management of the process, planning, formulating and creating the desired qualitative reality;
  • Mapping personality values: Achievements, advantages and strengths, inhibitions and mental blocks;
  • Modes of action, identifying barriers, solidifying and building an action plan for the realization of personal and occupational goals;
  • Putting the main emphasis on personality makeup and individual needs;
  • Skills and behavioral patterns, instilling tools and creating a tailored style adapted to personal and occupational vocation;
  • Effective instruction with vast information, updated and practical tools;
  • Performing diagnosis and providing an educated opinion on abilities,
    skills and their adaptation to the future.